What levels and areas of education / training is the Wiki Alphabet solution for?

A Wiki Alphabet educational platform is transversal to all levels and areas of education and training in Portugal.

I have some students who are unable to attend classes, how does your solution help me to include them in face-to-face classes?

These students can connect via their device, watch and participate in the current classroom.

What are the ways to subscribe to the solution?

The subscription can be made by the teacher / trainer or by the institution and includes training and support for use.

Does the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem work in person in the classroom and remotely?

Yes. The connection between the teacher's device and those of the students works in the classroom via the local network or remotely via the internet.

What distinguishes the Wiki Alphabet solution from those on the market?

In the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem, teachers and students have at their disposal the fundamental tools to teach and learn both in the classroom and at home, with different functionalities coexisting in the same system:

  • Real-time connection of the teacher's device with those of the students with tools for interaction, communication, monitoring, management and diagnosis.
  • Sending activities, questions and questionnaires individually or to groups of students - collaborative work.
  • Video classes with activities, digital assessments, micro-assessments and immediate diagnoses.

What added value does the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem bring to the classroom?

  • Saving time for teachers in preparing classes, correcting tests, analyzing results and defining individual and group actions;
  • Greater efficiency, sustainability and flexibility in the teaching-learning process;
  • More motivation, dynamism and interactivity in the teaching-learning process;
  • Improved communication between students and teachers and between the school and guardians.

My school already uses educational software. Is the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem the same?

No. The Wiki Alphabet ecosystem focuses on the teaching-learning process that takes place in the classroom and less with administrative and / or procedural issues.

The great innovation of the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem is the fact that it integrates the creation of classes, content and tests, promotes sharing and collaboration, facilitates the assessment of learning, as well as includes training and monitoring of teachers (prior and in the classroom). We prepare teachers in the process of innovating Educational Environments in order to make teaching more efficient, stimulating and sustainable.

I have classes in powerpoint and other digital resources. Can I use them on your platform? What are the benefits?

Yes, our platforms allow the import of files in multiple formats. In the case of powerpoint, in the content creation platform, the elements appear as editable objects and can be changed or adapted. In this way, teachers can use the lessons they already have and make them more dynamic and interactive with Wiki Alphabet tools. If you use this platform in connection with others in the ecosystem, you can achieve other added value of creation, interaction and evaluation with greater time savings and in order to make the teaching-learning process more efficient, innovative and sustainable.

My school has interactive stations. How can I monetize the current technology park?

The Wiki Alphabet ecosystem contributes to the pedagogical use of technology. By implementing the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem with the current technology park, you will be able to create classes or use existing classes with a new dynamic, interact with students in order to promote motivation and learning efficiency, evaluate results immediately and regularly, as well as stimulate communication between the school and guardians.

Does your ecosystem include computers for students and teachers?

No. However, we can submit a proposal that includes computers.

Our Internet is malfunctioning, is it possible to use your ecosystem?

Yes. The Wiki Alphabet ecosystem was created taking into account the difficulties in terms of infrastructure. The platforms that make up the dynamics of interconnection between the teacher's computer and those of the students in the classroom do not lack internet, only a common Wi-Fi or cable network. Internet access enhances the ecosystem and its interconnections, as is the case, for example, with the online recording of data or results. In any case, the lack of internet does not prevent communication and interconnection between students 'and teachers' computers or access to the functionalities necessary for the innovative dynamization of a class.

I want to start doing digital tests. Does your ecosystem allow?

Yes. Our platforms were created with the opportunity to reduce paper and apply digital tests with the same security as conventional tests. Thus, it is possible, for example, to control and block access to the internet or to the computer, send questions with different order of answers for each student and create up to 12 types of questions. In addition, it optimizes and simplifies the performance of evaluations, since it is possible to create and save a repository of questions to later build the tests.

Is it possible to obtain the result of the evaluations automatically?

Yes. Which means a considerable reduction in time, since it automatically corrects questions and generates analytical reports by test, class, question or student.

How does the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem enhance collaborative work between students and teachers?

By placing technology at the service of pedagogy. Technology allows teachers to get closer to students, motivate and encourage them to develop their collaborative skills inside and outside the classroom in search of knowledge and promoting interconnection with different disciplines and areas of knowledge.

Is the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem for public or private education?

It is for both and for any level of education. We developed the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem to be implemented in any environment where the focus is on the teaching-learning process.

How long does it take to implement the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem?

The implementation time varies according to each project and the specifics of each institution. The implementation of the Wiki Alphabet system includes diagnosis, project definition, installation, initial and / or continuous training in groups and in the classroom.

How do you guarantee the GDPR?

The platforms that make up the Wiki Alphabet ecosystem are in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All software is accompanied by a user manual containing information on what data is collected, its purpose, legal basis, sensitivity, as well as the type of collection and storage. The GDPR requirements are safeguarded, including the right to be forgotten, data portability, transparency and the data subject's right of access.

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