Learn in a funny way

Build an innovative and transformative future


Students become active participants

Technology fosters interest and curiosity among students.

Shool information is combine and more easy to access

Self-study tools


  • Learning trough innovative technology-driven lessons
  • Group work strategies with project-based learning tools
  • Immediate feedback from examination and assessments
  • Easy access to study material (ativities, files and assignments)
  • School schedule and timetable
  • Manage assignments, events and track status of submitted assignments.
  • Communication channel: Teacher | Student | Class
  • Classroom Repository and Class Diary
  • Annotation, glossary, flipcards tools for self-study

Student Solutions

A suite of applications that strengthen learning and bring students closer to knowledge

Get ready for the digital transformation

Coming soon!

wiStudy soon available in App Store and Play Store!

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